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Handyman, Home Cleaning and Home Watch Services for Fort Myers, Estero, Cape Coral.

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Home Watch

Let us keep an eye on your property while you’re away. Whether you’re away for vacation or a part-time resident, we will look after your home, collect your mail, or keep your car battery charged. We do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly inspections. You will be contacted immediately if anything potentially damaging is discovered.

Our Rates start at $40 per visit. Final price is determined by the size of your home, number of visits, & services preformed

Storm Protocol

In the event of an impending tropical storm or hurricane, we will secure the exterior of your home. We can put up your hurricane shutters at a cost of $15 per window. This includes taking them down as well.

Home Watch Check List

Exterior of Home

Remove mail/flyers from mailbox & front door

Remove newspapers

Check doors & windows for signs of break-in

Inspect for vandalism

Check pool/spa for obvious issues

Interior of Home

Ensure security system is functioning

Check fire/smoke/CO2 alarms, replace battery if needed

Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats

Run water in sinks & baths

Check under sinks for leaks

Flush toilets

Run garbage disposal

Check that refrigerator/freezer are working properly

Check water heater/water system

Inspect air filter, replace if necessary

Check electrical panel

Check that windows are locked

Check for signs of rodent/pest infestation

Additional Services

Charge car/golf cart battery

Bring items inside from lanai